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Why do I treat my pet for fleas and they seem come back quite quickly?

Where fleas are concerned, it is important to be aware that no single product is capable of managing the problem. If the environment or other pets are untreated, your pet is likely to be re-infested with new fleas and as a result, it may appear that the product is not doing its job.

To effectively control the problem, it is essential to treat the environment as well as your pets which is best achieved by implementing a continuous and integrated program to minimise the risk of future infestation.

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Why does my dog or cat salivate after some treatments, and is this dangerous?

If licking occurs shortly after application of some products, a brief period of profuse salivation (hypersalivation) may occur. This reaction, although uncommon, can occur after the application of some products in particularly sensitive pets. Hypersalivation is a result of the sensitive lining of the mouth being irritated by the Pyrethrin in the product, usually occurring shortly after the cat has groomed its coat. No permanent harm comes to the pet and can best be related to the uncomfortable sensation some individuals experience when pepper is tasted in food. 

How can I accurately weigh my dog or cat – they never sit still on the scales.

To accurately find your dog or cat’s weight, firstly weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your dog or cat. Your pet’s weight is your weight subtracted from the combined weight. This is best for cats and dogs small enough to be held.

Can I use multiple treatments at the same time?

The majority of EXELPET treatments will complement each other, allowing for eg. Worming and flea treatment, to happen at the same time.

Always ensure you refer to the pack and follow dosage / application instructions before treating your pet.

Do I need to treat for fleas and worms at the same time?

Fleas are an intermediate host for the common flea tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) so it is important to maintain a regular flea control program.

Illness from Wormer

While the vast majority of pets have no problems with this type of product, some pets, just like people are occasionally sensitive to certain ingredients. This sensitivity can often be managed in a variety of ways such as treating immediately before a meal, or after a meal to see if there is any difference in their tolerance of the preparation. Trying a different product can also help.