CAPSTAR™ For Medium And Large Dogs

Capstar for Medium-Large Dogs 6Pk

Available in 6 Tablets

Fast Acting Knockdown Of Adult Fleas

Starts working within 30 minutes

Each tablet contains: Nitenpyram 57mg


Dosage and Administration

Administer one tablet on any day when fleas are evident on your pet. Repeat on any subsequent day when fleas are again evident on your pet. 

EXELPET CAPSTAR Tablets can be administered to puppies from four weeks of age if over 11kg. 

EXELPET CAPSTAR Tablets can be dosed directly into the mouth, or can be given mixed in a small portion of your pet’s favourite food. 

This product can be used in conjunction with other flea and worm control products. 

Should your pet continue to scratch during treatment, seek veterinary advice.

Flea Control Programme

Effective long term flea control requires an integrated flea control programme to break the

flea breeding cycle. An effective flea control programme includes all the following steps:

  1. Treat all pets at the same time: Fleas can readily spread from one pet to another, so it is important to treat all cats and dogs in your household at the same time.
  1. Treat your pet’s environment: Treat your pet’s bedding and where your pet frequents.
  1. Maintain this flea control programme all year round, particularly throughout the warmer, humid months when fleas are most active.


If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131126.

APVMA No: 53316/6/0507